The Truth Behind Fluoridation

Might as well toss out one of my many conspiracy theories.  This one is about state-sponsored fluoridation of the public water supply that was all the rage in the 50s and 60s.

First my base justification of the conspiracy factor.  Think of how natural this sounds: A republican semi-wartime government that adds fluoride to the water so as to improve the dental health of the citizens.

That just doesn’t sound plausible to me.  If our government were all that worried for us, why not universal health care or at least some inducement to have us eat more vegetables.

So, then, after 9/11 when they started getting us to worry about a ‘dirty bomb’ attack, they mentioned that they had stationed large supplies of special pills all over the country.  I choose to believe these pills contained fluoride because it has some magical property that causes radioactive things in the body to get ‘leeched out’ by sufficient amounts of fluoride in the blood.

So, the REAL reason for the fluoridated water back then was because of all the above ground bomb testing and groundwater contaminated from enrichment activities!

Well, so at this point, some of you might want to point out that the pills in question are actually iodine, not fluorine, and thus my whole conspiracy theory is undercut by being based on one colossally incorrect fact.

Well, that’s the whole CHARM of a conspiracy theory! It has to have one or more blatant points of ignorance within it.

Another factoid is that some government construction project in the area was quoting an extra billion dollars (I exaggerate) as part of a water distribution pipeline, in order to pay for filters to remove *naturally occurring* fluoride.  So maybe THAT’s the conspiracy theory.. Someone wanted to get paid to add fluoride that was already there!

Well, one way or another, you KNOW there was a conspiracy!

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