Cigar-Shaped UFOs

Pardon me if I already documented this elsewhere.  And before I begin let me state my own personal UFO religious affiliations.  I believe the universe is big enough to have other life out there than can use radio, lasers, and space ships.  Whether they have visited us in the last hundred years is, sadly, doubtful.  I can’t imagine it would be inexpensive for them to do so, so if they did, they would likely have a purpose in mind.  And I doubt they have a Prime Directive of non-interference (in the Star Trek sense), so I am pretty sure their presence would be obvious, and whether they meant to or not, their arrival would probably be disastrous for us (in the way that Europeans visiting Polynesia brought a de-stabilizing force, Or to America to displace the Native Americans, who presumably displaced the Neanderthals before them, etc.)

But hey, maybe.  But as to their being wildly smarter than us.. My feeling about an Alien Race that was so smart it could cure cancer, and yet refused to do so, is similar to my feelings about a God who would threaten you with eternal damnation for believing in some other god.  My vision of God is of a friendly force who just wants us to play nice with each other, and is not particularly concerned about how many friends he has on his MySpace page.  I expect that of my aliens, as well.  Unless they are just here to eat us, in which case I just remind them that we taste like chicken, and that chickens don’t know how to use radio, lasers, or SpaceShips, so they are a better choice for attack.  Hmm, wait a minute, cow mutilations… Are they just taking the Porterhouses?

OK, back to my story.  If I were a self-respecting alien, why oh why would I make my flying saucer “cigar-shaped”?  Giving them the benefit of the doubt and assuming their different biology would excuse the phallic references, it is just a silly unromantic shape for a flying saucer and I refuse to believe any UFO reports that include that reference.

Except that I saw some.

It was a long time ago now (which is why I am sure I told this story on line very recently and I apologize for bringing it up again).  I was in the back yard trying to appreciate what was supposed to be a really good meteor storm.  But I live in a light-polluted area and there was a bit of a foggy mist, so I could only see the very very brightest of them (one of which was actually pretty cool.  Actually had a greenish tint and I felt I could see some tumbling/spinning and maybe even heard a bit of a sound from it.  Not so cool if it had subsequently smashed into my house, of course, but enough to make me happy to have stood out in the cold for hours.

Anyway, sometime during this experience, I suddenly saw a fleet of metallic, cigar-shaped, glowing, UFOs flying in formation high above my house. It was just like in all the UFO reports and it left me dumbfounded.  Here was something I could not logically believe was happening, and yet it was.  It lasted less than a minute as some number of them zoomed overhead and then they were gone. It was amazing, and I hope everyone gets a chance to experience the sense of awe and amazement (did I mention it was amazing?) I did that night.

But in my heart I knew it couldn’t have really been UFOs and eventually I realized what it really was — Birds.

It was just a flock (formation) of birds doing their normal birdy acrobatic stuff as they moved towards their birdy destination.  I claim they were birds with whitish underbellies but dark wings, flying not as high up as it looked (hence they looked like much larger objects), illuminated from below (neighbor’s yard lights) and seen through a light mist (further obscuring any sense of their wings and making their illuminated bodies appear to ‘glow’ as opposed to just reflect light.

I’m pretty sure that’s what it really was, and not that I am just seeking an explanation. But my point is that even though I am fairly good at telling what a bird is normally, that at the time of the event they did NOT appear to be birds.  The illusion of their altitude and size made them non-birds, as did the glow and the lack of visible flapping wings.  But their actual behaviour was very bird-like and I appreciated that at the time.  Anyway, at the time of the event the whole thing just felt completely inexplicable.  It was… awesome.

Anyway, I generalize from that to claim that ALL cigar-shaped UFO sightings are actually birds.  (mixed with people’s odd ideas as to what shape a cigar is.  I think of a cigar as being cylindrical, but I accept lots of people consider them ovals.  Which I guess is more accurate than a cylinder, but it would be a very FAT cigar in this case.  But definitely not saucer-shaped.)

One Response to “Cigar-Shaped UFOs”

  1. Biturix Says:

    Cigar shaped UFO’s birds?:):) What a joke! You really think everyone out there who saw these things are so simple in the mind as you sugest? Really! Here’s my story!
    -First of all, no-one in the world is more sceptical about this fenomena than I am! I am an amateur astronomer and can damn well tell the difference between a flock of birds, any aircraft, the planet venus etc…Also am I perfectly capable of estimating distances etc…Also have I been a seargent in the army who’s job was the following : “LAA” or low altitude airdefence if you prefer! So I have been trained (brainwashed is more accurate!) to decide in a few seconds when I saw an airplane to shoot it out of the sky with my VADS (vulcan air deffence system) or to leave it alone:) So I think you might say I am qualified to recognize any existing airplanes on the planet from every possible angle at any speed in any weather etc…So why do I tell this? To show mr. whisenose awfulizer here that not everyone is so simple to say that every cigar shaped UFO is a bird, because he was so stupid to take a flock of birds for a UFO, really:):)
    Here’s the story (sorry for the long intro!):

    One day I was scanning the sky, here in Belgium, with my 20X50 binoculars for birds, airplanes, you name it….when I suddenly saw a huge “cigar-shaped” object flying by at about 35’ish degrees above the horizon in brought daylight that is, and flying from West to East. My first thought was an airliner because I could “clearly” see the little round windows in it’s side, but…..where the hell is the tail and the wings??? Wait a minute, I got it now : it is flying in such a way the wings are pointing straight at me, so I don’t see them at this distance, but where the hell is it’s damn tail then, surely if it was there I must see it, but no tail? Then I looked without binoculars and I could clearly see it, but without optical aid I just wouldn’t have payed any attention to it, because I would have said it was just an ordinary plane…..and there’s more to come! So then I said to myself o.k. Mr. smartass seargant LAA, what is this thing? I looked again through the binoculars and all I could see is what I describe here : cigar shaped object, metalic coloured with little round windows (like an airplane) no wings and no tail. Off course, I got it now! This was some kind of a hot-air balloon, cigar shaped like a Zeplin, or even, why not a Zeplin (copy). Off course now I got it, this is a publicity stunt or something. So, I will just take the car and drive in it’s direction, and I will soon find out, because, hot air balloon or zeplin, what’s the difference, they both fly so slowly one can perfectly catch up with them and have a close look at them, no? After driving miles and miles, (and stopping at regular basis to look at it with the binos!), I came to the conclusion this thing was really far away and much bigger than I first held possible. I eventually lost sight of it and went back home. Ah, must have been a huge zeplin like object then, shurely, case closed!
    When I got home I scanned the horizon again at the same 35 degrees hight with the binoculars, and hey, wait a second, what the hell is going on here! There it was again flying at exactly the same altitude at exactly the same speed at exactly the same distance in exactly the same direction. Oh I see, now I got it : this is my imagination playing a trick on me:) Case finally closed, I don’t believe in UFO’s, period. But when I saw it again passing by, 15 minutes later, I started to feel a bit annoyed by it and I went in the house and called my mother out in the garden. I pointed out to her where the “strange airplane” as I said to her was flying, but she could see nothing. So, just my imagination……wait a sec, my mom is 30 years older than I , and I am known to have eagle eyes while see wears spectacles, but not now..She went inside got her spectacles and guess what….she could see it now, haleluja, I was not mad after all, oef…relief! I then gave here the binoculars and asked her to descibe to me what she saw. She descibed the object “exactomundo” the same as I did above! O.K., time for action, I have had enough of this thing. Oh yes, before I forget, this contraption was flying in one big circle against the direction of the hands of a clock. I have been looking at it for more than an hour now!!!!!!!!!!! I tooki up the phone and called my army buddies at Bierset airbase and asked to talk to the air control center after identifying myself. No, Sir, there are no airplanes of us in the sky (it was week-end) and I am checking my radar right now, and no Sir, sorry nothing out of the ordinary on it and certainly no airplane flying in circles for more than an hour. O.K. thank you very much. You’re welcome Sir etc….
    Me AND my mom have seen this thing flying for more than two hours!!! No plane, no air-balloon (or it should have been flying inside a tornado!), no zeplin. Conclusion after analizing this thing : Metalic object, cigar shaped, little round windows, no wings, no tail. Flying very far away, so very big and given the distance and the way it went about, I would say it must have been flying at about the same speed (at least, probably more) than an Airbuss or somethinh would have. So, every cigar shaped UFO a bird then? My ass!

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