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GlaxoSmithKline Sux

July 14, 2007

I swear, this is the evil drug company that Harrison Ford was trying to warn us about in the movie “The Fugitive”

For legal reasons, I don’t really think they are evil and I do not wish anyone to consider the above to be libelous.

However, since I am now partially blind because they brought a product to market (“Avandia”) even though clinical testing showed its propensity to cause blindness.. well.. if I were a suing sort of person, I now have someone worth suing.

I am also disappointed with my doctor, since these warnings were available on line (as are the class action suits regarding the product).

And I am disappointed in myself for trusting my doctor instead of researching the drug myself before blithely taking it.  My doctor also rapidly increased the dosage, since it didn’t appear to actually work for the job at hand, either.

Anyway, if YOU are taking “Avandia” or “AvandiMet”, check with your doctor if perhaps you should stop.  Especially if you are having inexplicable ‘blind spots’ and unusual foot swelling.  Avandia makes your body retain fluids in odd areas, leading to edemas all over the place, causing pain, blindness and, apparently, heart attacks.

I can only personally attest to pain and blindness (thank god).  After I stopped taking it, it took several months before new blind spots stopped appearing.  Luckily none of them were directly in the center of my vision, so I am not blind-blind.  But your eyes are something you want to work super well, so drugs that diminish it in any amount.. are bad.  Shame on you for releasing such a product and prescribing it to me.